Do not forget sports bottle cleaning! The 7 point approach to eliminate dead health tips
Many runners have enough to do their own physical health, but they ignore a crucial detail, which is to clean their sports bottles. In fact, this is the most need to pay attention to a ring. Many runners love sports drinks, the sugar rich audio, will let the cup become a hotbed of bacteria and mold "". The following seven cleaning methods can help the majority of running enthusiasts to keep their water bottles clean and sanitary.
1 hand cleaning
Movementcanteen not water rinse is enough, at the end of the training, the best hands clean, use warm water and liquid soap wash cup is the best way.
2 use a small brush
Some of the glass bottle mouth is relatively small, relatively deep, the hand is not very convenient, you can use a small brush, bottle brush handle especially those long, they can easily clean the inner part of the glass.
3 cap is very important
We like to wash dishes to wash the bowl outside a bottle, also can not be ignored, and there is also a cup in the liquid contact, also can cause mildew and bacteria.
4 do not use dishwasher
Some runners plan, the direct use of the dishwasher movementcanteen, this is completely mistaken. The water temperature within the dishwasher is relatively high, this is a deadly threat to the plastic cups, will seriously affect the service life of the cup.
5 clean immediately after each run.
Just after every run should immediately take a bath, the cup also need to wash immediately, even if you use it is filled with water, also need to be cleaned.
6 do not use harmful cleaning agents
Sports bottles are used to hold something to drink, and those who have bleach and other harmful components of the cleaning agent, is absolutely not used to clean the sports kettle.
7 sports water bottles also have service life
Like a toothbrush, but also need to update the movementcanteen, when you use warm water, liquid soap and small brush washing cups, that could not make within the cup clean, then the inside of the mold is more stubborn, in order to stay healthy, or buy a bottle of water sports.
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