Fierce The new research and development of intelligent sports cups: function of up to 15!
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 28th, the Chicago team has designed a method called "Golchi" smart sports cup, different from the single function of ordinary glass, it features up to 15. Golchi the entire cup body height of 11.3 inches (about 28.7 cm), has four basic features:
1 of the cup body can be divided into two main compartments, can also contain hot water and cold water without interference. Two in the middle of the partition of the storage capacity of 100ml, you can place the tea bag, medicine, keys and other solid objects;
Two 2 compartments can be connected to form a larger connected integrated cabin;
3 two compartments can be completely separated, forming two cups can be used alone;
Two 4 compartments are vacuum insulation design, hot water can be kept for 12 hours, cold water temperature can be maintained for 24 hours, suitable for outdoor activities.
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